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World woes, eyes on India as it tackles the corona virus pandemic

Coronavirus has scrambled the entire world and turned it upside down by diffusing its treacherous and troubling annexes parting each life in anguish and terror. India has a total population of 127 crores and as of today in the year 2020, the population on the globe is 780 crores. It means that almost 17 % of the world population resides in India, and that is huge. Now, speaking of the COVID-19, almost 2 lakh people have died due to this pandemic in the entire world. If we count accordingly, there should be at least 34,000 noted death in India, however, there are only 900 deaths in India which is around 1-2 %. As compared to this, countries we call as forward, developed, improved, hygienic, disciplined, well educated, and those who are well advanced scientifically and with well-advanced facilities have noted an unbelievable number of deaths failing to this virus.

Till date, it has been muffled in the minds of the people that India is exceedingly populated, dirty, unhygienic and filthy country that has no sense of education, discipline and hygiene. While I write this, I still read articles shooting right away from the place where the virus originated which disturbed me to an extent and portrayed me to write this. It stated that India is tackling the spread of the virus because it is unhygienic. Well, we cannot go and cover the mouth of well, Can we? We believe in acting and not heaving bitterness. Countries that tops the world, that is considered to be the most developed and rich country has to beg for medicines from India. Right from the flooding of this virus into the beings, people locking down in their way, folks taking it way forward and helping the government in the best way possible and managing this pandemic most favourably has shown the world that India doesn’t need lessons of management from any of the superpower nations. Since ancient times India and Indians survive on DADI KE NUSKHE and that has increased our immunity and not cleanliness.

India is a prosperous country that is capable of fighting such pandemic, if not in case it would have been difficult for a massive nation like India to cope with such a disastrous situation that is gulping the world at a wild pace. Doctors, police, safety guards, workers are working day and night without worrying about their own lives to work for the nation recklessly. India is a nation that has the culture and rhythmic ethos in its veins which have helped them emerge out safely with pride.

We believe in karma and feeding others before we feed ourselves is what believe in. some families still take off food for cows, stray dogs and feed even ants before they eat themselves. Since ancient times India and Indians survive on DADI KE NUSKHE and that has increased our immunity and not uncleanliness. Haldi vala dudh sold in the so hyped name of golden milk in foreign cafes is in our DNA. Honesty and kindness have popped out in the majority. Without worrying about their health folks are coming forward to help needy and poor by giving as they can. Food packets are distributed at a massive rate and we do not need health from government unlike superpowers to feed other mouths.

Let’s do our bit and fight against this virus that has overpowered the best creation of God (man). Stay home, stay safe.

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