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Wilson hills
Wilson hills

Wilson Hills rooted in the Dharampur district is an awe-inspiring place, especially for nature lovers. It has a panoramic view that will make your jaw drop at the sight. Situated at a distance of 123 KM from Surat, it is a nature’s abode. The Hills have an elevation of 2500 feet from the sea level. The breeze from the Arabian sea that caresses your face just makes up for the hackles and shackles of life. The wildlife sanctuary of Pangarbari lies close to the region of Wilson Hills. Stunning view of the sunrise and sunset, fog and mist take you to another world, not to forget the serene view of the lake and foggy clouds to make your day. If you get to visit in the season of monsoon, I bet you will surely bless nature for its beauty.

Wilson hills
Wilson hills

The place got its name from Lord Wilson who was the Governor of Mumbai once upon a time. He along with king Vijay Devji planned to develop this site as a hill station but project, however, couldn’t initiate but later the charge was taken by some private company and thus place keeps on exploring then.
There are different sites to visit at Wilson Hills like:
Brumal Shiva temple
District science centre
Wilson hills museum
Bilpudi Twin waterfalls
Ozone valley point
Sunrise point
Sunset point
Marble chatri point
Shankar waterfall point
Monsoon is the best time to visit this place as nature is in its full bloom during this time of the year. Visiting other seasons of the year will not make you much happy and satisfied. Waterfall and full bloom of the greenery, lakes and mountains will surely pass out the positive vibes for the rest of the life.

It is a very beautiful place for a days picnic if you are planning for a weekend getaway. Gujarat is full of amazingly beautiful places and Wilson hills are one of them.
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