A small town with stunning beaches

Umbergaon or typically known as Umergam is a small serene town based in the district of Valsad in Gujarat State. Based on a somewhat hilly region, the town is very adjacent to the Maharashtra border and is known for its numerous beautiful beaches and antique temples. Besides, in 2017, the town became the first in the country to own a Nanotechnology manufacturing plant. In addition to that, the place also has a flourishing film industry.


Beach of Umbergaon is the most prevalent tourist magnetism. This beach is visited by numerous tourists and is widespread for its beautiful dusk views, golden sparkling sands and extravagant food. It is the most faultless place to reduce and unwind, owed to its calmness and tranquillity. You can also relish delight a horse carriage ride on the beach. The beach remains particularly crowded during the annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival which is a big occasion in the region. There is also a lighthouse and a trawling harbour at Umbergaon beach that lures major visitor arrival.
You can reach Umbergaon vis Surat which is the nearest city. This place is located in the mountain area with a uniform climate. Several television serials and films have been shot at this place and it is thus known as the flourishing film industry.

Places to visit in Umbergaon/Umergam are:
Umbergaon beach
Aswali Dam
Dehri Beach, etc

It is a small town and village consists of mainly fishermen community. Those who love nature and want to feel nature at its best along with the delight of the chowpati style street food to enjoy at the beach, then this the right place.

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