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Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats.. A boon to the society or a curse!

In this world of woman trying to equal up man in every aspect of life has led to flaws rather than giving concerns to topic like woman empowerment, woman equality, etc. Well , in this era looking at the applications taking over the human hands I feel that cooking soon will be history for most of the families. It will be a forgotten art or skill. 

Today, we are getting into a culture where no one is interested in cooking. Applications like zomato,swiggy, uber eats are taking over human skills. We see adverts where it shows that moms encourage their children to order something for them when they are hungry instead of cooking something for them. When you order something through such apps you are not ordering food  but instead you are inviting obesity and health problems for your kids. However, this looks ordinary today and is considered as a standard of living for good class of society. 

We are encouraging our child to order and eat. If you are hungry order online and the food will be at your doorstep. The era where asking your mom to cook some of your dish and your mom cooking happily for her child would be a history. The sheer joy on her face you eat something made from her own hands would all deplete. Tremendous joy on face of your loved one when you eat food made from their own hands is something very worth aspiring but alas! all will be gone.

There will be no family bonds. Cooking on festivals has almost started to deplete as hardly anyone has time in this rushing era to cook. Every house hold has extra income, extra good life style but no happiness. Well, zomato,swiggy and uber eats today have taken away even survival skills from us and have made us handicapped. 

I see future  wherein the newly built homes will not have kitchen at all! there will be food but no sweetness of hands of mothers or wives. No feelings, no emotions and no life. 

So rather encouraging your future generation for not cooking, instead teach them your skills of cooking and should definitely limit the usage of online apps to order diseases. 

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