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Ambaji is a very famous divine abode of Goddess Ambaji. It is a place where pilgrims visit purely out of faith and divinity. Ambaji is a small pilgrimage town in Gujarat, rooted in the Danta Taluka and the Banas Kantha district. It peaks the Arusur hill which is on the boundary of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Goddess Ambe is perceived as one of the forms of Parvati and is a symbol of female supremacy. The Ambe temple is one of the most antique and valued temples of the country. Countless folklores and stories surround it. The journey to Danta Ambaji is a mystical one and it takes visitors nearer to the deity. It provokes not only faith but also dedication in the hearts of the pilgrims. Truly, Ambaji is the devotees’ and worshippers’ haven. A visit to Ambaji has a great honest implication. One must also visit the adjacent Gabbar hills that deliver a scenic view of the greenery and forests of Gujarat through an exciting jaunt in a cable car. Danta Ambaji is one of the furthermost unique places in Gujarat that cartels all aspects to make the flawless place.
It is a fantastic place that gives relief to any agony and leaves the mind of the devotee calm and tranquil. The place has copious beautiful temples, which turn out to be mesmerising architectural specimens. Ambaji is majorly connected with the respect of Goddess Amba, and numerous temples like the Ambaji Temple are devoted to her worship.

Ambaji temple
Ambaji Temple

With places like Gabbar Hills, which is associated with legends of Devi Sati, and Kailash Hill sunset in its proximity, Danta Ambaji ensures to give all its visitors a once in a lifetime experience. The place is not only associated with attractive places of worships with beliefs as old as the origin of manhood but also portrays the beautiful connection between the gods and nature in the most engrossing way possible.
Places to visit in and near the place:
· Ambaji Temple
· Gabbar Hill
· Kumbhariya Jain Temples
· Kailash Tekari
· Kamakshi Mandir
· Mount Abu

Gabbar Hill
Gabbar Hill

Ambaji is deliberately surrounded by the Aravllis hills on all sides. The town itself is located on the top of a hill range, locally known as the Mewat hills. It is at an altitude of 480 metres (1570 feet).
Ambaji enjoys all kinds of seasons throughout the year. It lies above the tropic of cancer, thus being a part of the temperate zone. During the summer season, approximately from April to June, the temperature fluctuates between 46 and 26 degrees celsius. During winters, between October and January, the temperature ranges between 6 and 36 degrees celsius. The monsoon season, that enriches the foliage of the region. There is a fantastic market around the temple that tempts the visitors to shop for the traditional stuff and take memories back home.
Ambaji includes one of the fifty-one ancient “shaktipeeth” sect temples of India. It holds a great sacred status. There is no idol in the shrine but a caved-in, gold-plated yantra which entails 15 Bij script letters.
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