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Keep your mouth shut!

It was a sunny, sizzling hot day. Scorching Sun was on cranium in its full pouring fire at its best, knocking back to mid-nineties, a small town of Bhavnagar was the vacation spot for two sisters Ahana and Kavya, where they spent their summer vacation running after butterflies, fetching water from the well, climbing trees, and swinging on the tyres that hung from the sturdy tall trees. It was next to impossible to leave such a happy life in a metro city of Surat. It was the last day of vacation and two sisters along with their parents incrusted good-bye to their Uncle’s home promising to visit them next vacation. They had to travel through jumping and bouncing bus, where the government was not much concerned about the roads and transportation.
Ten-year-old Ahana a free bird and wonderous creature nabbed the three-seater row that was at the back of the bus and younger Kavya curled herself between her parents. Ahana watched the greenery that the hamlet has bequeathed upon itself and revered the nature to the core. She was bone tired and soon the climate fetched her a quick unrealised nap. She slipped in the state of reverie and no sooner her mind in slumber realised some movement. Her sub-conscious mind nudged and warned to wake up but her body ignored and lured for more sleep. Soon the small offensive crawl she ignored seemed to be real and augmenting. Her eyeballs moved in exasperation of wanting to know what was happening and her temples curled. She could feel the crawl from her back, right to her neck and now on her newly nurturing breast. She was unknown to the feeling and unsure of what was happening. With the nick of time, she woke up and all she could see was a ragged, shabbily dressed, lean guy trying to abuse her by trying to touch her breast. She never knew what was it until it came on her.

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She was aghast and ran towards her parents, however, she couldn’t gather enough courage to tell her parents about what happened at the back of the seat. She could see with the corner of eyes the guy getting off the bus. Ahana felt that it was her fault because that the guy attempted to touch her. Girls in our country have no voice or nerve to stand against the part of the society that has always been abusing them. Though grown in a family that had wide stance and ethnicities, Ahana was under the pressure of society that never led her to get up and snap the guy instantly or speak to her parents who were sitting right in front of her. She was feared, ashamed of what would my parents deliberate and what if anyone else would come to know? Every girl should be powered enough by parents and society to speak up against the ill-treatment and even small molestation they face. It can be anywhere, home, public place or even at work. Not speaking can lead to such a person getting bold enough with their activities and trying their acrobats with someone new. In our male-dominated society, females are considered to be feeble and though however, upfront, educated or feminist background one belongs too, something still has not changed.
Keep your mouth shut! This is what is taught to the victim of sexual abuse. Let it be family which she death trusted. A victim of sexual abuse often feels ashamed, mortified and keeps the abuse undisclosed, sometimes for decades so it is essential to help them mentally, emotionally and stand up against any such attempt made by making them educated enough about the negativities of the society and ways to fight against it. It is every parents and society first duty!

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