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When that unknown fear hit!

It was winter bloomy afternoon and tackling my kid with his tantrum had just blown my mind. He was throwing whatever he came across, shouting, yelling and crying at the top of the voice. I gathered all my courage to muster things up but all in vain. I was into tatters and pulled myself on the ground covering my forehead with my hands. I didn’t know what to do and I gave up. I started crying and couldn’t stop at all. I was home alone left with my 8 months old kid to tackle everything on my own. It was the transfer of my husband that led us to the gloomy wintery Delhi. Days were as cold as hell. I was feeling irresponsible as I was not able to do anything for my child in tough times. I did not know what was wrong with him. I tried applying asafoetida to his stomach feeling he might be gassy, I tried giving him syrup that soothed his stomach, but all in vain. I checked him top to toe if something was wrong, but I couldn’t. I was scared as if I was losing him.
I threw up and called my mom back home. “Mom, I am a failure as a mother. I do not know what is wrong with Siyan and he is uncontrollably crying. I am afraid maa and I don’t even know any docs here as we just shifter last week”. Listening to my grieving, she listened to me carefully and calmed me as an expert. She said,” beta you calm down first. It always happens with infants”. “Did you check his gums”? “No ma” replied I. Check his gums. I am sure, he is teething as he is throwing tantrums. I checked his gums and to my surprise, yes, there was a tiny little tooth just immersing out of his upper gum. I calmed down and thanked my ma.
I realised what was wrong with my little one and thankfully I was able to relieve myself. I applied gel on the gum as asked my mum. Infants and toddlers face so many milestones and they are new for them as mothers as well. It is advisable to not panic and seek for elders help when necessary.

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