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Are we raising adult babies?

Protecting our kids is our mantra and this is not only with any one parent but each and every parent of the society. Society is turning such that we nowadays are more careful about the desires of our kids and we take each and every step to shelter and provide that room which we think we weren’t provided. Believe me we are not raising a kid this way but we are nurturing an adult baby who will always require help in each and every thing! There are various facets which have popped up and have thus crippled the new generation. There are ample of aspects that our future cohort will be devoid of.

Failure and rejections are as significant as victory

In the race of coming first we forget to teach our kids to handle the rough failures. Ones upon a time I was at my daughter’s school friend’s birthday party. There was a round of age old game of passing the parcel. However, what I noticed was when the music stopped, instead of punishing the kid, which we used to play, kid was allowed to take that parcel away and new parcel was introduced to continue the game. Out of sheer curiosity, I questioned the parent that what was wrong with the older version of the game?  She replied, I don’t like disappointed kid and they leave with a happy face as they get to carry a gift home. Well, how will the kids handle disappointments and failures?

You are poisoning your kid with that extra dose of care

We do not allow our kids to be care free but instead keep an eye on them each and every instant. We have substituted outdoor games with digital games. Well, world is moving and so should our kids too but have you ever wondered how has this fraught the growth of our kids? Physical activities, hurting themselves, cycling, racing with friends, playing games with other kids, laughing and giggling in the splashing rain, making boats out of extra sheets that accompanied the newspapers has demolished. Caring is good but overdose of caring is nothing less than a slow poison which will ultimately ruin your kid psychologically.

Are you immortal?

Well, owing to the Mother Nature, we will fall apart one day. We are forgetting this fact and treat our kids as if we will be there to care for them forever. As sooner the earlier we learn this, good it will be for our kids and their future. Let them learn things since early age. Stop saying, he is too small for this. Let them be independent and handle situations of life on their own.

Less numbers and more hands to care

With every coming generation, we see that parents tend to have just one kid. As they say, we cannot handle more and want our only kid to enjoy and have each and everything which we did not have. Kid is the only attention for both of the parent and as a result the only child is ought to get spoiled more. Having the number of kids is the sole decision of both of the partners but that extra attention and care and getting things that he does not require will ultimately lead him to gain jealousy, dependency, rude, helplessness and leave him abashed for lifetime.

Stop hovering over your children

Let them be themselves and stop over caring them. Over loving them now will only lead to a mentally and physically crippled child. He will require your assistance in each and every step of life. When they fall down, don’t go running when he is having just a scrapped knee. Tell him, it is a part of play and it happens. I have seen mothers creating havoc for scrapped knee. Oh well, our mother asked us to wash the bruise and go playing again as it will be fine with the course of time. Mothers now days keep on shouting as a part of world war III.

Stop resolving conflict and be a judge for free

We get too much involved with their friends and games and we tend to be a free judge for them over every situation of our child. This is how child learns to get reliant and will search for our assistance in even a small dispute with their friend over a toy. Ask them to solve their conflicts on their own as they have created it and should be solved on their own without your backing.

They will not starve if they stay hungry sometime

When you are attending a part, and they have prepared dishes wherein your child is fussy enough to not have some of that, don’t go running to the kitchen to prepare something or ask your friend who has thrown party to cook something on the go. Ask them, its fine and he can have it when home. I have seen moms rushing to the kitchen without thinking about others guests to cook something as her baby does not fancy anything from the dishes prepared.

Let them go and race outside instead of playing temple run on mobile phones

Mobiles are a complete no. well, owing to modernization and digitalization zeroing it is not possible however, time limit helps a lot in such cases. Learn to say no ones in a while. Child who doesn’t learn to listen no will be a nuisance to the society.

We should teach them from rejections and failures. Success doesn’t make a good child but rejection and failures do. Life was not a smooth run for me or you and it will not be for coming generations too. So stop creating smooth roads for your kids as in one day when you will not be around it will be difficult for them to handle the waves that life would throw at them.


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